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Friends Only :P   
09:32pm 04/04/2020
mood: cheerful
Haha! My journal is finally friends only :P
This journal is now friends only.

MEANING people who DON'T have an account CAN'T view my journal :P

So emma...before you go off saying shit about what I write in here and saying you have my password from Elisa and crap like that, how about making it BELIEVEABLE considering its HIGHLY DOUBTABLE that someone who has half a brain can hack someone's account :P

More crap come's out of your MOUTH than that fat ASS of yours XD

. . . . .

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Haha, you fucking idiot   
07:11am 09/03/2006
mood: cheerful
Well this cocolezzobreath seems to be back and just gave away who she is ;)

Expect a life of hell
07:27am 29/05/2005
  you, person with as their IP, DON'T TRY TO BLODDY HACK MY LJ!  
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